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Paintballing in North Wales (age 16+)

Who’s team will win?

Paintball games in Wales and War Scenarios with Open Door Adventure. The game commences, guns at the ready, you see the enemy darting through the undergrowth.

Adrenaline begins to flow, they see you, and then all hell breaks loose. Paint balls are whizzing past your position. The war has begun, where are your team – mates? Do you go it alone or wait for back up?

You return fire and blast one of the enemy (slap-bang) in the middle of the forehead. Pleased with the result, you decide to go for the flag. Under cover of smoke, you move bravely on! You are attacked and hit from all sides. HELP!!!

All equipment, Protective Clothing and Facemask, Chest Protection, Weapons and Sniper Rifles and 300 Paintballs issued.

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