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As an accredited centre for The Margerison-Mcann Team Management Systems (TMS), Open Door Adventure designs Management Programmes & Team Building Events that are tailored to your requirements but focussed on maximising personal potential, building balanced high performing teams and creating energy and resilience for success.

Dave Orange the Director has had 25 Years of Experience in Leadership Development and Team Building Programmes. He has led and been involved in 35 Worldwide Expeditions including 10 trips to the Himalayas. He is a people’s man and is only a telephone call away.

In the UK business leaders are often not provided with Soft Skill Training – in other words, awareness raising of personal attributes that enable leaders to interact effectively with people and move their businesses forward so improving the outcomes they deliver.

Effective leaders need to have the ability to communicate well, motivate their teams, handle and delegate responsibilities, listen to feedback and have the flexibility to solve problems in a workplace environment that is often constantly changing.

  • At Open Door we provide a range of outdoor pursuits activity programmes which include “brain-engaging” exercises.
  • Our programmes are about personal development that enable Leaders and Manager to build effective teams that excel and strive for success.
  • Our focus is on enabling individuals and team to consider their personal skills in the context of the people and resources they manage.
  • We simulate real tasks where leadership skills are developed and nurtured through experiential learning – learning through doing, then reflecting and adapting to change the way we work.
  • Our programmes are bespoke and tailored to your specific Aims & Objectives.
  • Our activities determine the strong points in an individual’s personality but also raise self-awareness of areas for personal improvement.
  • Our activities are fun and motivational but enable Leaders & Managers to reflect on their soft skills and develop themselves through learning in the outdoors.

Open Door Adventure’s activities and exercises are designed to develop your Leaders & Managers to positively interact with peers, employees and team members.  The “workplace” is the outdoors!

Individuals have time out to refocus, reenergize, revitalise and reflect on their performance, focus, visions and peace of mind through activities and exercises

Our programmes focus on the 9 key qualities and skills that will make you an exceptional leader.

  • Communication – effective listening, clarity, articulating, explaining, verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Motivation – learning what motivators work best for employees and team members to encourage productivity and passion. These skills include assessing, convincing, persuasion, productive, recognising others’ skills, setting goals, team building, understanding differences in teams and thanking staff
  • Delegation – Setting expectations, allocating resources, trusting staff, assessing employee strengths and weaknesses, defining expectations, identifying outcomes, matching the task to the right employee and cultivating team working
  • Positivity – Caring, showing interest, developing rapport, encouraging, being empathetic, friendliness, helping and supporting, showing respect
  • Trustworthiness – Embodying a culture of accountability, conscientiousness, confidentiality, credibility, emotional intelligence, consistency and thoughtfulness
  • Creativity – Leaders often have to make decision they do not have a clear answer for. You therefore need to think outside the box.  Our programmes enable you to develop your imagination, innovation, listening to others’ ideas, observation, visionary, problem solving, cognitive flexibility
  • Responsibility – Evaluating best solutions, learning from mistakes, listening to feedback from employees and managers, trouble shooting, reflection
  • Commitment – Leaders cannot expect their staff to commit to their jobs and tasks if they do not do the same. Our programme will help you with determination, perseverance, prioritisation, following through
  • Flexibility – Changes always occur; staff will appreciate your ability to accept change and your ability to creatively problem solve. Our programmes develop your ability to respond to new problems and adapt

We believe being Healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit enhances the way we can perform. Our programmes can improve dramatically your Leadership Skills and quality of life.

Managers often find it increasingly difficult to relate to the workforce and because of isolation, find their Leadership and People skills lacking, especially when giving bad news or disciplinary action to an employee.

Open Door Adventure’s programmes are bespoke and designed in line with your business to improve the Manager’s soft skills, achieving a better understanding of your work force, the key skills required to manage people and resources, effective communication to bring about change, empowerment and more efficient ways of working as a cohesive team.

  • We work closely with your Business to quantify outcomes.
  • We give value for money and through proven structured feedback
  • We aim to exceed your expectations in developing and empowering your Leaders & Management Teams

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