Rock Climb in North Wales

You “CAN” do this!

At Open Door Adventure we have our own 200ft limestone cliff and cave system on site, so what we offer is a real experience in natural surroundings. In addition, we have at least 3 venues within half an hour’s drive from our Centre.

You may think that rock climbing is not for the faint-hearted, but that’s not true.  This activity is available for all abilities and ages – from beginners to the more experienced. You will learn rope work, belay systems and climbing techniques as well as scrambling techniques and how to stay safe on steep ground – all taught by our highly qualified Instructors.

Rock climbing is an exhilarating activity where your self-confidence will grow and through following your Instructor’s guidance and working cooperatively.  In so doing you’ll discover skills that you didn’t know you even possessed!

Rock climbing is demanding – both physically and mentally – because you test your strength, agility and endurance, whilst at the same time, staying mentally in control.

At Open Door Adventure you’ll be provided with all the equipment you need and you’ll discover you can push your boundaries and in so doing, raise your self esteem at what you have achieved.

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